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I wander here, wondering what I have done to earn such love and compassion.  

Such beauty and bliss.

In the time we have been together, I question myself and who I must be to be the man you deserve

To give you something that equates the wonderful places you take me

The foreign fields of happiness I have never known that you have shown me with such decisive love

I must fold my being into you, to create what you truly deserve

You who have pulled me from my depths of despair and sadness

And changed me into something worth living

I give unto you all of my love, my deepest emotions, my existence

Words cannot contain the beauty which you hold in every fiber of your existence

The audacity of perfection which you have decided I am worthy of

If I can convey my emotions of what you give me in words

it is simply unequivocal, untouched, and utterly complete


I owe you a greater debt for your absolute flawless compassion than I can explain in coherent thought

My love

My princess

My precious counterpart

I wish to remain always in your arms and heart for there is not one single being

Consciousness, or thought

That can replace your perfect splendor

I will forever love you

My deepest treasure

My utmost darling

You are the Silmaril of my life

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I question Humanity


I question humanity

I question myself

I question existence itself

Why exist with real reason

Why exist without purpose

When the mundane world tells You

     Who to be

When society says conform or die

Your teachers will go on telling to follow your dreams and you will be happy

This is a lie

Society selects the few to succeed because the man said,




You’re efforts for happiness with existence and self fulfillment are destroyed  and torn down

Because you are expected to serve society and help it function not live enjoyably or comfortably

The expectation is that you are a gear in the wheel

You are not allowed to move the machine itself because your insignificant existence means nothing to society.

Moving outside the norm scares and shocks because the conformist ideology that is mankind refutes the individual and the outsiders

often with force

Humans love to the same if for no other reason than fear and paranoia of becoming the outcast

In doing so we loose our humanity, we as a society destroy the empathy for another just so we can be cool

By losing who are are and giving our humanity away we 

The Man Wins. 

The Machine Wins.

And the system becomes society  

If we as humans choose give up our humanity, our empathy and individuality if we let the machine tell is what society is and who we are

Why Exist?  

Why have Civilization?

Why continue on?

Why call yourself Human.          

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Silence enfolds this placid darkness

The winds have grown quiet upon the shore

The hills whisper no names this night

The trees have become bare

Frozen desolation

an arctic depression

the maddening of ones soul

and a vacant mind

Where birds once sang

Crows now scream

Scream in answer

to afflicted spirit

Misery cries from the depths

The Depths of despair

Only a whisper is released

One final mortal breath

Sorrow without hope

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I remember what it was like

what it was like to hold someone in arms

but now my arms are cold

And i am alone

Like the dark side of the moon

I know no warmth

Just desolate sadness against the waves

Fighting for comfort

I find only shadows

Wandering the these empty streets

I just want to take it all away

Losing myself in the darkness

I quietly fade out in the distance

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Veiled Suffering

Verse 1

Reach back through the veil

Pull the suffering through

Devour it whole

Wallow in madness

Lose your mind in the dark

Destroy the logical path

Rot in your own pity

Hold yourself as you descend into ruin


Cleanse your mind

Free your soul

Chase down your demons

and Let them in the gate

Verse 2

To return to sanity

you must accept

your failures

and utter decay

Let it in

Let it in

Endure the madness

Haste the Blight

Chorus Repeat

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September 27th at 4:48 AM

Silence at Night

I sleep Alone

So cold I close my eyes

To numb the Pain

Running from my mind

I slip away in the dark

Hiding so I can ease myself

Escape the Worry

Seek a Way out

What is so frightening 

Only the man behind the mask

The mask I wear

Who Am I? Except fragments of paranoia and grief

Time ages my desperation

Giving way to the madness underneath

I am intentionally lost in my own mind

Finding a way out means facing Who I really Am

Something haunts me these nights alone

I don’t want to find it

The monster in me

Eating away at my soul

How can I face what I don’t understand

How can I deal with my lack of real expression

What do I feel

What do I feel

I don’t understand myself

That scares me more than anything

What do I do?

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Well, I wish I was catfish, Swimmin in the Deep Blue Sea

I love Jimi Hendrix

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LOTR and sleep, which really just means LOTR

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A sister they had, Galadriel, most beautiful of all the house of Finwë; her hair was lit with gold as though it had caught in a mesh the radiance of Laurelin.
The Silmarillion
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